Walk In Closet With Bathroom Plan

Ensuite Wardrobe

Walk In Closet With Bathroom Plan

Recently, one of the most popular home renovation ideas has been connecting the walk in closet with the bathroom plan.

To achieve a cohesive and smooth design, many things need to be taken into account. The design brief was to achieve a ‘modern and clean look with some timber elements to keep the balance between the large wall and floor tiles and bathroom vanity.

A new ensuite and walk-in wardrobe are connected through the main bedroom. Careful design ensures there is enough natural light throughout all areas and there is a cohesive and seamless flow between these spaces.

The main idea behind this renovation was to ensure these spaces remained well-connected for day-to-day functionality. Having the access from the walk-in wardrobe to the bathroom is very convenient. Everything you need from towels to fresh clothes is in hand reach.

Stepping from the bathroom to the walk-in closet adds the flexibility to change the clothes without going to the bedroom.

Having a walk-in closet with a bathroom plan works as a soundproof buffer between the master bedroom and the bathroom. Think about running water or hairdryer sounds. It is a very convenient option when people living in the house have different work schedules. In that way, the sounds from the bathroom don’t travel so easily to the bedroom and let the other person enjoy their sleep.

This floor plan also adds another layer of privacy. It means that there is another zone like a dressing room that needs to be walked through before reaching the bedroom or hallway.

Some people love integrated wardrobe features, the others prefer open shelves and easily accessible drawers. It is the floor plan that makes the difference here. If it’s a new build, all these zones can be mapped out and planned before starting the building process. If it is an existing house, then you can borrow some extra space from your existing bedroom or hallway.

A Walk-in closet with a bathroom plan is a fantastic way to keep things organized. 

Ensuite Wardrobe
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