Ceramic Basins

Ceramic Basins

Ceramic basins have come a long way from the time when only basins with gloss finishes were available to buy. Our range also includes bathroom basins with a matte finish and textured finish.

Our round matte white countertop basin is a very popular choice because of its size and matte colour finish. If you need the same style basin only even smaller, we have a mini version that is perfect for tiny bathrooms or powder rooms.

Our textured ceramic basins come in a round shape, bowl shape or tub shape. The grainy sand-like finish is tactile and creates a very interesting stone-like look. So for those who are reluctant to buy a stone basin because it is porous, this basin would be an amazing alternative. The surface is scratch-free and extremely durable and very affordable.

Our Ceramic Basins products look beautiful on every bathroom vanity. All the basins have a matte interior layer which makes the cleaning very easy. This is especially great news for mums who need something more practical for their kids’ bathroom.

With a busy lifestyle and always on the go, we tend to appreciate things that are hassle-free and are quickly manageable. A ceramic basin is exactly like that – you wouldn’t even know it is ceramic, this is how good it looks and the maintenance is super low. What’s not to like about it?

Whether you are looking for a round basin, a tub basin with higher edges, a black basin, or a mini basin, we have you covered. You can easily order online, we deliver across Australia or come and visit our Sydney Bathroom and Kitchen Renovation showroom.