Towel Rails

Towel Rails

Towel Rails

Beautiful design, quality finish, and classy colors – you will love our selection of Towel Rails.

Our rails have a double bar. Firstly it is very practical. You can hang two shower towels to dry. And secondly, if you use only a second bar for a towel, the first one will be exposed and it adds a pop of color to your room.

All our double rails are generous in size. If your bathroom doesn’t have enough wall space to install the horizontal bathroom rails there is another option. You can consider a vertical heated rail that looks elegant and very space-efficient.

Our Heated Towel Rails come in either a horizontal or vertical design.

The best places where you can install the bathroom rail are quite close to your shower and a bathtub. So when you come out, your towel is at a reachable distance and you don’t have to worry about the water splashes on your floor tiles.

Our double rails come in a flat and round range and can be matched with the same style Toilet Roll Holder/Hand Towel Rail and a Hook.

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