Shower Rails, Hand Held, Hoses, BP's

Shower Rails, Hand Held, Hoses, BP’s

Did you know that your shower tapware setup can have a few different options? Not always do you need all these items in your shower because maybe you are not using all of them? Always think about what makes sense to you. There is no point in spending money on some extra features like a shower rail if you know you will rarely use it.

Although there are a few compelling points to install a full shower. By full we mean a shower with Shower Head, Shower Arm, Shower Rail, Hose, and a Hand Held Shower. Firstly, you can indulge in your long rain showers or you can simply use the hand shower for washing just your hair without taking a full body shower. Secondly, you can use a handheld shower for cleaning the shower screen or washing your kids. Thirdly, if one day you decide to sell your home having a full shower is always a bonus and appeals to a bigger market.

Our shower tapware can be mixed and matched, where you can choose all separate items that you would need for your shower configuration or you can buy a Shower Combo that has everything in a set except a tap mixer that can be purchased separately.

If you also have a bathtub, we have a floor-standing Bath Set that includes a tall spout, handheld shower, hose and diverter.

Talk to us about your bathroom ideas and we can help you find the right pieces that will last many years to come!