Light Stone Bathtubs

Light Stone Bathtubs

Our light stone bathtubs are made of Solid Surface material. This material is lightweight but can feel and look like a heavy stone depending on the design.

These bathtubs come in different colours. You can choose something bold like a black or dark blue colour for a dramatic effect. Or maybe you like speckles and want to go with a terrazzo look? There are many colour options available to suit your bathroom design.

We also love the fact that stone bathtubs come in various interesting shapes. You can choose a more traditional shape like a tub shape with high edges for the ultimate soaking experience or maybe you want something different and opt for a tub with uneven edges for a cool visual impact. The free-standing round baths are great in larger bathrooms where space is not limited.

The Solid Surface material is non-porous. It has a smooth and satin feel and looks high-end.  Which bathtub will you choose for your bathroom renovation?