Shower Arms & Droppers

Shower Arms & Droppers

When renovating your bathroom, the shower is one of the areas that will need your undivided attention. When to choose a shower arm?

There are so many different ways how to design your shower space for your bathroom renovation. The tapware selection that you choose for this area really depends on your preference really. For example, some people like the rain shower effect where the shower arm and a dropper come into play, other people like to have just a Shower Rail and a Hand Held Shower combination and the third group likes to have it all where you can alternate between your choices. The alternate option comes to be very handy when you love your long relaxing rain showers but when you want to just wash your hair you can use only the handheld option.

Families with small kids or pets can benefit from the whole shower set. It is also very useful when you need to clean your shower screens. We don’t tend to think about these little things, but let’s face it, we all want our bathroom makeover to be practical as much as we want the design to look aesthetically beautiful.

Our shower droppers and shower arms are perfect for the rain shower effect. Depending on whether your plumbing comes from the wall or a ceiling, you can choose one or the other option. If you have beautiful high walls take advantage of the shower dropper for a more dramatic effect.

Our Shower Droppers and Shower Arms come in Matte Black, Brushed Nickel, Brass, Black, Brushed Gold, white or Gunmetal colour. Buy separately a Shower Head, Shower Rail, Hose, Mini Diverter, Hand Held Shower and a Shower Connector or alternatively explore our unique range of Shower Combos.