Bath Tubs


Choosing the right bath tub for your bathroom can make a big difference. Depending on your bathroom layout, you need to work out which style would work the best for that space. You can read our bathroom renovation blog about different bath styles here.

Our free-standing stone bathtubs are a gorgeous feature and suit certain bathroom styles. If you like the idea of using natural elements in your bathroom, a stone option will fit in beautifully.

Solid Surface bathtubs or as we like to call them a light stone tub can look exactly like a stone bath, but there are more variations in terms of colour, shape, etc. It is also much lighter than the stone ones.

Acrylic bathtubs have become more and more popular when designing a wet room. A long time ago the only finish they came in was gloss white but now we can also add matte white which makes the whole bathroom look more expensive and luxurious. Our acrylic styles come in various sizes and styles. Most common styles include Back To Wall, Corner, Oval and Freestanding.

We also have a great range of bathroom tapware that would suit your bath. You can choose your taps from our wall mixer range or get a unique bath set that looks like an art piece itself.

No matter what is your bathroom design or style, you will find your unique item in our shop at an affordable price.

We have a couple of baths also on display in our Sydney showroom and you are more than welcome to come and see them.