Kitchen & Laundry Mixers

Kitchen & Laundry Mixers

Kitchen mixers and laundry mixers are the first tapware you would need to think about when renovating these areas in your home.

The purpose of a kitchen mixer is a little different from the bathroom basin mixer. Kitchen and laundry sinks are usually bigger and deeper in size so you can wash all your dishes conveniently or fill a bucket with water with no problem etc. The counter mixer needs to also be with a longer body creating more space and it would be very convenient if it swivels to the side if you don’t need that constant stream of water. Some kitchen mixers have a pull-out spout feature that is very handy in directing water where you need to.

Our kitchen mixers & laundry mixers range includes Tall Mixers and Goose Neck Mixers. Tall mixers have a straight long body with a thin handle and gooseneck mixers have a curved neck that can swivel. Both styles can be used for sinks and also for bathroom basins.

We love quality, elegance, and simplicity and these mixers have it all. You can order these mixers easily on our website with a few simple clicks or come to our Sydney showroom store.

We have finished many beautiful kitchen and laundry renovations. Make sure to have a look at our beautiful finished renovation projects for inspiration.

Here in Just in Place we think highly of kitchen design and we’ll be happy to help you create your dream kitchen!