Laundry Design

No matter how big or small is your home, you need laundry. It can be a separate room, or it can be combined with your bathroom.

When you are renovating your existing house or an apartment, you might be limited with the options of where to put your laundry. If it is a completely new build, you can carefully plan the location that makes the most sense. For example, ideally, it would be further away from the bedrooms or resting areas.

In an existing house, the laundry and bathrooms are quite often small. So another idea is to take the wall down between those rooms and make one big room that functions as a bathroom and a laundry.

Sometimes when we think about the laundry design, we are imagining a washing machine, clothes dryer, clothes hamper, and washing detergents. But it is so much more than just that.

A great laundry space can be both practical and aesthetically beautiful. You don’t have to choose one over the other. For example, some people like to hide their washing machine and sink behind the bi-fold doors. This look is clean and hidden. In the case of a small laundry nook in the hallway you maybe want it to be seen for easy access. You can choose a beautiful splashback tile that blends in with the surrounding and make this area a part of the overall house.

No matter what your idea is, it needs careful planning. Think about the laundry layout, it needs to be well ventilated and have easy access to the outside clothesline. Think about the size of your family. Is one washing machine enough? What about the sink? Maybe you need a double sink instead of a single sink?

A laundry mixer is an important detail when it comes to washing your kid’s soccer uniform or boots. You would need a tall mixer that preferably swivels. Our Gooseneck kitchen and laundry mixers are very practical and look great in any laundry.

You can choose a small ceramic tile for your splashback. It is a great way to add a small hint of colour. Subway tiles are a very popular option amongst home renovators. You can lay them in a brick pattern that creates a slightly industrial feel and looks modern.

Here in Just In Place we have a lot of experience in renovating a laundry or building a completely new laundry. If you need some help with designing your dream laundry, we are here to guide you. Come and visit us in our beautiful Sydney showroom for a friendly chat, bring your floor plans with you and we will do the rest.

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