Stone Bathtub

Stone Bathtubs

The stone bathtub creates an elegant and slightly rustic atmosphere in your bathroom that other tubs simply cannot compete with.

Sometimes when we think about these bathtubs, we imagine a Balinese bathroom setting with lots of green palm trees outside of the window.  Maybe a heritage look bathroom design with heavy timber furniture and a stone basin with antique brass taps?

These bathtubs can definitely transform the whole space and can easily be the focal point in any Sydney bathroom renovation, small or big.

The unique design of the tub makes you feel as if you are soaking within a natural rock formation. Those who appreciate nature-inspired designs and natural material will love this bathtub.

The Stone bathtub design is quite bulky and very very heavy. They are made to order and you can choose between a couple of natural shades to suit your bathroom design.

Since they are very heavy, installing them on the second floor of the house will create some difficulties and can be quite an expensive exercise. But where there is a will, there is a way!

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