Kitchen And Laundry Sinks

Our single and double kitchen and laundry sinks are made of fine fireclay. This ensures that your sink is both durable and easy to maintain. Available range includes a small single sink or a large double sink.

The butler sink can be mounted as a countertop sink, under the countersink, and as a butler sink with one side showing.

All these sinks are double-sided, where one side is solid and the other one is ribbed. That gives you one sink with two different looks depending on your preference.

What we love about these sinks is that they are deep and very easy to clean. Everybody living in busy households understands how important that is.

If you have a small laundry nook, you can install a small square sink that doesn’t take too much space. And those who love kitchen sinks with double bowls can find something from our larger kitchen sink range.

Compliment the look with our beautiful range of Kitchen and Laundry Mixers.