Wall Mixers & Spouts

Wall Mixers & Spouts

The term wall mixer & a wall spout are frequently used when talking about the physical location of the taps in your bathroom. All this tapware is installed on the wall instead of the vanity counter. It is a great option for those who want to maximise their counter space.

Our Wall Mixer is suitable for a basin, bath and showers. Our mixer taps:

Minimal Mixer (Shower Mixer) comes in a single unit and can have either the handle facing down or facing up. You can change the pressure of the water and also the temperature by simply turning the handle from right to left and slightly pulling it towards you.

Assembly taps or hot & cold taps consist of two units, where one knob or tap is for hot water and water pressure and the other one for cold water and water pressure. We have two beautiful wall mixer styles available – one is simplistic round taps with no handle and the other ones are Mini Assembly Taps. They are slightly smaller than the round taps and have a small handle for more convenient use.

Shower diverters come as a set. The whole idea of a shower mixer diverter is to change the water outlet. For example, you decide to have a rain shower and a handheld shower that sits on a shower rail. To change the water flow from the head into the handheld shower you would need a diverter wall mixer. There are two styles available – one is with a round backplate and the other one is Mini Diverter, which is a slightly smaller diverter with a handle and doesn’t have a backplate.

Alternatively, you can look at our countertop Basin Mixers.

Our Wall Spouts include a Classic Straight Spout, Mini Spout Swivel Spout and a Gooseneck Swivel Spout.