Floor Wastes

Floor Wastes

As the name suggests, you can find floor waste on your bathroom floor or in the shower, close to the bathtub, and in wet rooms.

Floor waste looks like a grate and it comes in different shapes. It can look like a long channel or a square or it can be tiled all around or inserted into a tile. Depending on what you like, you can choose the best suitable option for your design.

This floor waste grate is connected to the pipe that will lead your bathroom water waste out of the house.

Our square tile insert floor wastes come in different colours. For example, Gunmetal, Brushed Nickel, Matte Black, Brass, White, Gold and Brushed Rose Gold, they match our other tapware and accessories.

Tile insert means that a tile is cut and placed inside the square, which exposes only the thin edges so the overall look is very minimal and polished. The floor looks neat when the floor waste melts into the surrounding. You don’t want the waste to be chunky and grab all the attention, it’s the gorgeous floor tile that needs to shine.

Our Brass floor waste is a durable and long-lasting feature in your wet room and looks great in most bathrooms.

Find matching colour Shower Arms and Shower Droppers and other tapware that complements the overall look.

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