Light Stone Basins

Solid Surface Basins

Our light stone basins (solid surface basins) are made of composite stone.

The material is man-made and can mimic stone and other natural materials. Solid surface is widely used for bathroom vanity tops and also kitchen countertops. The beauty lies in seamless joints that make the minimalistic design eye catching.

A nonporous surface means that the surface is solid throughout and can stand the test of time for a very long time. It is easy to clean and maintain.

Our light stone basins have a matte white satin finish and work beautifully with so many different colours and textures.

These bathroom and kitchen basins come in different sizes and shapes and suit all narrow or wider, single or double countertops and vanities.

Our countertop basins come in round, rectangular and oval shapes and they look fantastic for example on a timber vanity that has a timber top.

Wall-hung light stone basins are attached to a wall and can float in the air as freestanding or you can install them on top of the bathroom vanity. We can custom make a timber vanity so it fits perfectly under the wall-hung basin. They have integrated washbowls that look elegant.

For all the basins you need to buy separately a Pop Up Waste to match the rest of your Tapware. We also have matte white ceramic pop-up covers that you can buy separately. This will create a completely uniform and luxurious look for the basin.

If you are unsure which light stone basin to get, have a look at our projects for some inspiration. Alternatively, you can visit us in our Sydney showroom, we would love to meet you.