Laundry Renovation


Laundry Renovation Sydney

Many people underestimate the use of a laundry room with many homes not making a unique space for the laundry at all. Most think that it is just a washing machine with a sink. However, as more appliances and products become available to help with your laundry, it makes sense to have a well thought out dedicated laundry area so one of the tedious chores becomes clean and tidy, well organised and maybe fun!

The main purpose of having a laundry room or a laundry area is to have your washing completed more effectively while keeping high levels of cleanliness and hygiene. Not only do you keep your dirty clothes, washing detergent, mop, broom and vacuum cleaner in the laundry, you can also temporarily store clean clothes for folding and depending on space and design you could add a fold out ironing board from the joinery. Having dedicated areas for storage would increase the open space and make your everyday tasks much more enjoyable.

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