Bottle Traps & Pop up Wastes

Bottle Traps & Pop Up Wastes

Our basin waste range includes a few products that are a necessary part of the bathroom design.

What is a bottle trap and why do you need one?

A Bottle trap helps to trap sewage gases so it won’t rise from the drain and escape to your house. The smell is unpleasant and nobody wants this in their home.

So in order to keep the air quality at its best, you would need a good quality bottle trap for your bathroom basin or kitchen sink. It’s not only the smell that is unhealthy, it is also all the little particles and bacteria the smell brings with it, turning the air really unhygienic and polluted. A good quality basin waste is a must have in any small bathroom or ensuite.

Our bottle traps come in a variety of colours like Gunmetal, Brass, Brushed Nickel, Gold, White and Matt Black.

All our bottle traps are compatible with our Pop Up Waste range. Our beautiful pop ups are made of brass and are a great alternative to the rubber stoppers used to stop the water from escaping the sink or a washbowl. Our range includes a regular pop up waste for a basin and a pop up waste with an overflow.

What is basin overflow?

Overflow is a small opening in the back of your basin where excessive water can escape when the basin gets too full. Overflow will drain the extra water. In this case, you would need a pop-up waste with an overflow, this pop-up also has a small rectangular opening in the body.

Our basin waste and bottle traps can be matched to our other tapware like a basin mixer, wall mixers & spouts, and accessories like hooks and towel rails.

We are always happy to help our customers to create their dream bathroom or kitchen.