Hand Towel Rails

Hand Towel Rails

Although there are many different hand towel rail styles on the market, at Just In Place we concentrate only on two different shapes that we think would suit most bathroom styles.

We stock two very different towel rail ranges.

Our round handrail has a thin round body and our second style is called a  flat towel rail. Both styles have a matching Double Towel Rail and a hook for a complete set.

We believe that bathroom accessories like hooks and towel rails should complement the design not steal the attention, this is why we chose to have minimalistic options instead of complicated designs. Not only is it easier to match the bathroom rails with other fixtures but they also suit many different style bathrooms. Whether it is a modern bathroom or an ensuite with an eclectic look, minimalist design will quite often work very well.

Our Hand Towel Rails have a dual purpose and they can be used also as a Toilet Roll Holder.