Is this the ideal family bathroom layout? See pretty meet practical in this relaxed bathroom.

family bathroom layout with walk in shower timber vanity

Is this the ideal family bathroom layout? See pretty meet practical in this relaxed bathroom.

If you're looking for a bathroom layout design that delivers on style and is also incredibly practical, look no further. 

For this recent project, the Just in Place team were tasked with creating a family bathroom that would work for the kids as they grow, have a sense of spaciousness, be super easy to maintain and of course, not compromise on style.

With its almost square proportions, this bathroom space lent itself perfectly to a layout which we we think might be one of the best. The vanity is positioned on a wall set in the middle of the room, creating two private spaces behind. The walk-in shower is behind one wing, and toilet gets cleverly hidden behind the other.

Functional  bathroom design is beautiful 

As one of the busiest spaces in a home, a bathroom must deliver on functionality when there are multiple users. Using a central vanity wall to create clear zones in the room is a great way to provide some privacy and make it easier for more than one person to use the bathroom at a time. A double vanity and matching mirror cabinet will help avoid any sibling conflict over mirror space or storage space. 

To take the design up a level, the Just in Place designers included an immensely practical wall ledge running all the way along the right hand wall and into the shower space. 

See our model of the floorplan below. 

3d model of bathroom
Model of the bathroom's layout

The design, from concept...

To completion!

family bathroom layout with walk in shower timber vanity

Custom timber vanity takes centre stage

A huge reason we love this layout is that the vanity and mirror take pride of place, so when you enter the bathroom, they’re going to bring you that moment of joy! And with the mirror facing directly towards the door, you immediately get that illusion of spaciousness. 

For this bathroom our clients chose our beautiful custom made, double Lilly vanity in Blackbutt with two semi-inset basins in matt white. They paired that with our custom made Newport mirror cabinet with Blackbutt frame, and together they are the centrepieces of the room.

The warmth of the wood contrasts with the grey tiles and brings nature into the mix,  evoking that wonderful sense of calm and peacefulness that nature can bring. 

Brushed Nickel for a timeless look

Our Just In Place Brushed Nickel Spouts and Mixer Taps complete the look, adding that finishing touch with just enough shine to brighten and lift the space. The Brushed Nickel finish is continued on the shower head and shower mixer tap, as well as the paper holder and robe hooks - cleverly used here for the hand towels. Two vertical heated towel rails in stainless steel match perfectly with the brushed nickel fixtures, providing an efficient way to dry multiple towels (and heat the bathroom in winter) while keeping that chic and modern look.

brushed nickel mixer tap and basin spout wall mounted
brushed nickel shower head and shower mixer tap

Tiles and texture

This type of vanity wall is also a perfect opportunity to create a feature wall with a beautiful tile. For this project our clients went for a stunning warm light grey subway tile laid in a vertical stack pattern. This tile is repeated on the back wall of the bathroom as well to tie the room together and adds just the right amount of character, texture and warmth to the room. 

For the floor, side walls and below the ledge on the back wall, we found the perfect, timeless stone-look tile in a warm grey. This tile complements the tones of the feature tile and ticks all the practicality boxes too - minimal grout, hard wearing and, importantly won’t show up every speck of dust.  

grey tiles bathroom
grey tiles hidden shower bathroom

Practical and private

Another reason to love this bathroom layout is that there is no need for a shower screen - no glass to clean! When you’ve got multiple bathrooms in your home, one less thing to clean (especially if it’s in a kids bathroom) is a big win. 

(Pro tip: be sure to place your shower mixer on the side of your shower space and not on the same wall as your shower head so you can turn on your shower without getting your arm wet.) 

One final reason to love this layout is that it so cleverly hides the toilet! And while many toilets on the market today are stylish and sleek in their design, they definitely don’t need to be the star of the show!

If you're starting to think about a bathroom renovation for your home, it's never too early to get in touch with us at Just in Place to get an idea of what's possible for your bathroom. Call or email for a design appointment or drop in to get some inspiration at our showroom in Belrose. 

Lilly double custom timber vanity
vertical heated towel rail

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