Sharp And Clean Rectilinear Lines

Stone bathtub

Sharp And Clean Rectilinear Lines

This bathroom is all about shapes and we love it! Choosing the right shapes for your space creates a visually pleasing atmosphere.

The rectangular stone bathtub looks majestic and masculine but is softened by the curved gooseneck wall spout. Straight bathtub lines touch the floor and create visually a deep bathtub where you can easily imagine yourself soaking for hours. The sense of security and cocooned inside this bath is what makes the shape so desirable.

On the other wall, we have a large Blackbutt timber vanity and a mirror cabinet. The vanity is 1400mm long and features two sets of drawers on each side and one door in the middle. Above that door, we have an oval concrete basin.

Stone top covers the vanity top and extends over the toilet creating a uniform finishing touch.

Custom timber mirror cabinet has five push to open mirror doors and occupies the whole wall.

LED light strip under the mirror cabinet lights up the counter area and emphasizes the warm color and pattern in the wall tiles.

Stone bathtub
Brushed Nickel Gooseneck Wall Spout
timber bathroom vanity
Timber Mirror Cabinet
concrete basin

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