Why the Butler Sink Will Be Your Next Must-Have?

Black Butler Sink

Why the Butler Sink Will Be Your Next Must-Have?

Once upon a time, a butler sink was used by butlers to wash and scrub big pots and pans in a generous size kitchen sink. And this is how the name butler sink was born.

Moving forward in history, butler sinks have been increasingly popular in kitchen and laundry design settings. There are a few reasons for that. The most important one is the size of the kitchen sink. These sinks are quite deep so when you fill the sink, all the dishes will be covered with water making the soaking process a breeze. Also cleaning items like a barbeque grill is much easier in a bigger sink.

The corners of the sink are rounded, making it easy to clean and collect washed-away food scraps and not worry about growing mould in hard-to-reach corners.

Of course, there is the aesthetic appeal. Sometimes butler sinks are referred to as farmhouse sinks and when we think about a cosy and charming farmhouse cottage setting, it creates positive and warm feelings. These are the feelings that we associate with a homey home.

Time goes by and what we once knew as a typical white glossy butler sink, has now turned into a sought-after designer feature that will work in many kitchen and laundry designs, whether a new install or kitchen renovation.

The sink comes also in a black colour, making this fixture a statement piece. By keeping the walls and cabinets neutral, the black sink will catch the eye and make a statement. It is an interesting approach for monochrome and minimalistic-looking laundry or kitchen.

Then there is a surface finish. The range includes smooth finish butler sinks or a ribbed/fluted finish that add another layer of texture. So the same sink has two different sides, depending on what you prefer.

Fireclay butler sinks are heatproof, stain resistant and hygienic.

Not sure which butler sink would be the best choice for you? Give us a call for a friendly chat or visit us in our inspiring Sydney showroom.

Black Butler Sink
Double Butler Sink
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Butler sink
Butler Sink

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