Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom Vanities

A bathroom vanity made of natural timber is a great piece of furniture that will soften your bathroom look and bring a little piece of nature into your home. All our custom made Timber Vanities and Bathroom Mirror Cabinets are made locally in Sydney, Australia.

The beauty of a custom made bathroom vanity is that you can choose the type of timber that you like, the size for the length, depth and height, and also the configuration.

We use different timbers like American Oak, Tasmanian Oak, Wormy Chestnut, Blackbutt, Spotted Gum, Blackwood, etc. Every timber creates a unique pattern and colour.

You also have an option to choose whether you want to have a timber top or a stone top for your bathroom vanity. That again will depend on your personal preferences. Some people are a little reluctant to use timber top because of the humid environment but there is nothing to be concerned about. If you are willing to keep the vanity top constantly dry, it will be fine.

Some of our custom made hardwood furniture pieces include a single vanity for a small bathroom or a powder room. A double unit for a big bathroom or ensuite. We can even make a desk or a cupboard for your laundry. Or maybe you need some floating shelves? As you can see we can make a lot of different items from natural timber.

You can see the variety of our bathroom furniture & bathroom mirror cabinets in our Projects. Explore endless Sydney timber vanities options for inspiration.

If you need more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.