Shaving Cabinet Vs Mirror In The Bathroom

Shaving Cabinet Vs Mirror In The Bathroom

Do you know the feeling when you are going through million images on Pinterest and see gorgeous timber vanities and say "yep, that's what I want" but the next image has a beautiful striking black mirror that just draws your attention to it and you think "yep, that's what I want". But you can't really have both of them in one bathroom, so how do you make up your mind?

We've seen it all. We have seen customers who say that shaving cabinet is the only option they would consider and on the other hand we have customers who absolutely love a simple mirror.

It is one thing to talk about a personal taste, but another thing to consider all the aspects from a design point of view. Whatever you choose, it needs to fit your design and your personal needs. So let's tackle some of the things you can think about when considering these options.


    • Is your bathroom big enough to have a shaving cabinet on the wall? Remember that the shaving cabinet will stick out of the wall and make the space visually smaller.
    • If you have the option, you can always recess it into the wall, so only the timber edges will show. Some of our customers have done it like that and it looks amazing.

Storage space

    • We don't really think about it straight away, but along the track, it can become a very annoying thing if you haven't thought about where to put all your essential things.
    • The shaving cabinet will have the extra space to tuck away your night creams and shaving machine. A lot of our customers also install power points inside the shaving cabinet, so they can charge their toothbrushes.
    • If you have enough storage space in your vanity drawers or shelves, a simple yet impressive mirror will do the trick. But keep in mind those toothbrushes and toothpaste will start appearing next to the basin - especially when you have kids. And for you, it means wiping down the stains.


    • When you have a shaving cabinet, you need to somehow open the mirror doors to access your face cream and that usually means fingerprints, unless you decide to go for the 'bottom pull' option instead of a 'push to open option. 'Bottom pull' means that a mirror door has a small cavity for your fingers on the bottom of the door and from there you pull the door open.
    • The mirror doesn't have that problem and you only need to wipe it from time to time.

Change of mind

    • A flat mirror wins this category. Let's say you're the type of person who likes to change things up from time to time and play with some new ideas or just refresh the bathroom look without pouring tons of money into it, then a mirror is a great option to do so. Not only can you change it to whatever color, shape, size, or design you want, it's also a cheaper way to transform your bathroom.


    • Buying a mirror is definitely cheaper than buying a shaving cabinet. But let's say you fell in love with a gorgeous Wormy Chestnut timber vanity and you want to custom make it. How beautiful would the matching shaving cabinet be? Definitely a show stopper. Custom-made shaving cabinets are not cheap, but along the track worth every cent because it's an investment for the long term.

Have a look at the photos from our projects to see which option appeals to you more.

Also, if you have any questions about mirrors and shaving cabinets, feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to have a chat with you.

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