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Starting a renovation project can be a bit daunting. You will have so many questions and after finding answers to some questions, other questions arise. Every decision is connected to another one and it can become overwhelming very quickly.

It would be so easy if there was only one way to do everything and only a couple of options to choose the colour, shape, pattern, material, layout etc. from. But there is not and we all have to go through the creative process that will take some time.

Don’t be intimidated by the time that you will need to put your renovation concept together. It’s better to be certain about what you like and don’t like rather than choose something that will just do. All good things take some time.

If you really haven’t thought about anything, our advice is not to think about small details at this stage of doing research. Concentrate on simple ‘I like this.

Mood Board

We love Pinterest. It’s a great way to collect photos of what you like and organize them in sections. You can create different boards for your inspiration like ‘Tiles’, ‘Vanities’, ‘Tapware’ etc.

If you like to do things old fashioned way, take a big piece of paper and start pinning photos, magazine cut-outs etc. Pin it, don’t glue it, because then it’s easy to move them to a different place or completely remove them from the board and it won’t feel like it’s permanent.

Don’t limit yourself to only photos of specific items or colours and don’t stick to only ‘interior design’ material. Be open to everything, because inspiration can come from anything.

For example, you find a piece of fabric that you absolutely love, or you took a photo of a building that looked amazing in certain light or you remembered watching a movie or visiting a venue that left you an unforgettable feeling. This phase is all about figuring out what you like and how it makes you feel. Don’t try to stick to a certain style, literally put together everything that you like, no limitations.

A piece of advice. Keep in mind that most photos online and in a magazine are edited in order to look inviting and amazing. If there is a photo that you like, rarely you will get 100% the same result as in the photo because of the lighting for example.

Recurring theme

After spending some time collecting this information, we have reached the second stage. This stage is all about noticing some pattern in your research. It can be the colours, shapes, techniques how something is done, the way something is put together etc. Now you start seeing the things that you really like amongst the things that you just like.

Now you have a starting point. It might not be 100% clear, but you kind of have an idea. Don’t worry, you’ll get there. Put the things that you really like together and eliminate them from other images. And don’t worry if you don’t end up with tens and tens of images just because the idea was to ‘see the theme’.
When I tried this method for my bathroom renovation, I had a lot of material and in the end, I picked out only one photo about sand dunes that stood out for me and I absolutely fell in love with the flowing shape and the earthy beige colour variations in that photo. For me, it was clear that this is something I want to have in my bathroom and that was my starting point. That was going to be my feature wall behind the bathtub.
So, as you can see, sometimes you need only one thing that will pop up amongst all other things.

Get your hands dirty

Now that you have a couple of feature pieces or ideas, it’s time to get practical in the third phase. In this phase go and visit some showrooms or stores. Even better when they offer also renovation services, not only items like tiles, fixtures and so on.

The advice you will get from a place that does everything is invaluable. Because not only can they give you advice on tapware and vanities, they can also tell you how realistic it is to fit something, and they will give you practical advice about when you need to change your concept or choose an alternative option.

Showrooms are also a great place where you can literally touch things, put them together and visualize the whole picture. Make sure to have your Pinterest board on the phone or if you have a handmade board, bring it with you, or any items that are not on the board like a piece of wood or tile or colour sample from a paint shop etc. This all is very helpful when you start discussing your ideas.

The stronger starting point you have (clearer vision), the better you will take in all information like a sponge. This is exactly why we would recommend starting visiting stores after you have developed an idea. Otherwise, you will be more confused and you wouldn’t know how to answer the most simple questions about the renovation.

People who have experience in the interior design and building field can really guide you through the process and discuss technical things with you that you wouldn’t otherwise even think about.

Realistic bathroom rendering

The last step is something that we have found very useful but of course, it is optional. We talked about visualization, but sometimes even after being in the showroom and placing things next to each other, it can be difficult to see the whole picture. Asking for a 3D rendering for your bathroom can help a lot.

It is a good idea when you have already decided on everything in your bathroom. 3D rendering is a very smart way to see your future bathroom in a very realistic way. All we need to know are the measurements of the place and the items, the materials and colours. It is a very useful step because after you see the result, not only can you picture yourself in that bathroom and see how it makes you feel, but you can also get an idea if all the elements are the way you want them to be – in perfect harmony.

For example, you might find out that Brushed Brass tapware doesn’t look so good with the tile that you chose for the feature wall and would like to change it to a cooler Brushed Gunmetal instead. Or you decide that the vanity stone top is a bit too much and want to go with a timber top instead. We have had many customers who have changed their minds later about some things after seeing the 3D rendering of their bathroom.

Now that you have all the information about technical things, how much time every process will take, how long time it takes to get the items that you have ordered, how much everything will cost and you have managed to stay in your budget, you can go ahead with your renovation.

Good luck! x

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