Which Bath Tub Is Right For You?

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Which Bath Tub Is Right For You?

Who knew there are so many different options when it comes to bathtubs!? You can choose between different materials, shapes, and usage purposes.

Sometimes it happens that you really like a specific bathtub but in reality, it won't be a good option for your bathroom layout. It is always good to do some research before deciding on a bathtub. Think about practicality as well. It is one thing to look at a unique shape for example but another thing to clean around it. We are all very comfortable creatures, which means that simple cleaning should be on top of the list (unless you don't mind cleaning around all bathtub corners).

Bath Tub Style:

In this blog post, we are not going to talk about bathtubs that have jets. The reason being is this option is not very popular amongst our customers and we will be concentrating more on traditional styles and shapes.

First of all, we have a standard bathtub. It comes in a standard size and doesn't have any special specifications for the shape.

Another option is a soaking bath. This bathtub is generally deeper, which means you'll be covered with more water making the whole experience perhaps more enjoyable. Sometimes they can be also bigger in width.

Bath Tub Installation Style:

Drop-In Bath Tub - In terms of installation quite expensive compared to other options. Drop-in bath will be like the name suggests 'dropped in' a frame' which means that the bath shell is very basic because you're not going to see it anyway. The frame around the bathtub can be tiled. The bath shell is smaller than the frame itself leaving some space on the sides, where you can place some candles, bath oils, or towels.

Back To Wall Bath Tub - A very versatile option. If you like the bathtub to be a feature in the bathroom, you can place it in the middle of the room with the backside touching the wall. A great option for smaller bathrooms.

Corner Bath Tub - A very popular option with our clients. It saves a lot of space in the bathroom but at the same time doesn't look 'boxed' like a drop-in bath. One side of the bath that doesn't touch the wall is usually curved to add some softness.

Freestanding Bath Tub - It looks charming and luxurious but has its constraints. You would need to have enough space around the bathtub, which means it's not the best option for a smaller bathroom. Remember that it's not only about fitting the tub into a specific spot, it is also about cleaning around it.

Clawfoot Bath Tub - Generally these bathtubs are generous in size and are great for soaking. The style adds a vintage flair to the design and can be a gorgeous centerpiece in your bathroom. But keep in mind that it is a freestanding bathtub which means it will be a bit tricky when it comes to cleaning and on top of that you need to do some extra cleaning under the bath as well.

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