Mirror Cabinets vs Flat Mirrors

Mirror Cabinet

Mirror Cabinets vs Flat Mirrors

When we think about a bathroom, powder room, en suite, and so on, they all have one thing in common – a mirror.

Mirrors can come in a few different forms, shapes, sizes, and even materials. Mirrors can also be just a simple mirror or a mirror cabinet that has storage.

Choosing between these two options depends on a couple of factors:

  • How will it look in the overall design?

Depending on the size of your bathroom, a mirror cabinet can be a little chunky and you want to maybe go with a mirror that sits flat on the wall.

  • How much storage do I need?

This is an important factor, especially when you have kids. You can hide all the toothbrushes and toothpaste behind the mirror doors, but they are still easily reachable when needed. If you think that your bathroom vanity doesn’t have enough storage, having this extra space in a mirror cabinet will come in very handy.

  • Will it fit into my budget?

Bathroom renovation can be a big project and you should carefully think about what is important for you when remodeling the space. A timber mirror cabinet is a great investment in the long term, but it can be as costly as a timber vanity. If storage is not so important for you but you still like the idea of having timber, you can always go with a mirror that has a timber frame for example.

Come and visit our beautiful showroom in Belrose to see different Custom Made Timber Mirror Cabinets and different shape flat mirrors.

Timber Mirror Cabinet
Mirror cabinets have plenty of storage and you can even have powerpoints there to charge your toothbrushes.
Mirror with timber frame
We also custom make timber frames for flat mirrors - it's a great idea to tie the mirror to your custom-made timber vanity.
Bathroom mirror
Flat mirrors come in so many shapes and sizes and are therefore very versatile. Choose a mirror with a backlight for an interesting 3D effect.
small mirror cabinet
This small mirror cabinet creates an illusion of a frameless mirror but still has some storage.

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