Different Frame Types for Just In Place Timber Vanities and Mirror Cabinets

Different Frame Types for Just In Place Timber Vanities and Mirror Cabinets

When choosing your timber vanity or mirror cabinet for your next bathroom renovation project, the frame is probably the last thing you would think about. But the frame is a vital part of the timber unit, and it can dictate the whole look.

If you are getting a set of timber vanity and shaving cabinet, then maybe you would like to match the timber frame on both units to look more symmetric and uniform, but sometimes you may want to have a frame on the vanity and no frame on the mirror cabinet or other way around. There are a lot of options to mix and match.

Thick 35mm frame

This wider frame works very well on bigger double vanities because it really frames the large unit into more compact furniture. This frame also makes the unit look more solid and maybe even rustic.

Slim 20mm frame

This frame is a more elegant option. It doesn’t dominate the timber vanity. Smaller frame works also very well with small vanities where space is limited like for an ensuite bathroom renovation.

20mm beveled frame

This frame adds a bit of interest to the whole look. It still looks slim and minimalistic but is made at an angle. For example, it works beautifully with our Natural Groove Vanity, because the frame picks up the prominent groove paneling. But of course, it can be made on any timber vanity.

Hidden frame

If the timber vanity or mirror cabinet doesn’t have any surrounding frame, we call it a hidden frame. That works best with vanities that have drawers. If the vanity has doors, you will need to have a frame for support.

If your vanity is between two walls and is touching the walls on both sides, you can’t do a hidden frame, because it will be hard to open the drawers.

Have a look at the images from our finished projects and see what a difference every type of frame makes.

35mm frame on a Double Wormy Chestnut Timber Vanity & Mirror Cabinet
35mm Frame on a Small Wormy Chestnut Timber Vanity
Spotted Gum Timber Vanity and Mirror Cabinets with 20mm Frame
Small Spotted Gum Timber Vanity and Mirror Cabinet with 20mm Frame
Spotted Gum Timber Vanity with Hidden Frame and Three Drawers
Hidden Frame on a Small Timber Vanity. The Mirror Cabinet has a 20mm frame.
20mm Beveled Frame
Natural Groove Timber Vanity with 20mm Beveled Frame

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