A Warm Golden Hue combined with Retro Charm

A Warm Golden Hue combined with Retro Charm

There was nothing more suitable for this tiny bathroom in this Art deco apartment but a touch of Brass.

Brass is a perfect choice for adding an element of luxury and charm into a modern interior with a twist, even better if combined with natural elements and materials. The very small bathroom required us to be creative with the use of space:

A Beautiful hand-crafted timber vanity and shaving cabinet offered ample space for all knicks and knacks.

A folded shower screen door with Brass detailed hinges was installed to protect from water splashing while in use but was folded away when in no-need.

The combination of tiles, colors, and textures promised a timeless design with a look to the future and a wink to the past.

Timber Vanity With Doors And Drawers
Rectangular Stone Basin With Round Edges
Custom Made Timber Mirror Cabinet

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