Moroccan Inspired Bathroom

Moroccan Tile Bathroom

Moroccan Inspired Bathroom

Just because we need to put our travel plans on pause for a while doesn't mean we can't get inspired by gorgeous destinations and stunning colors. We think that all of us could use some color in our life right now.

The first thing that comes to our mind when thinking about Moroccan style, is colors and shapes. Stunning vibrant blues and greens. The colors and patterns are here to impress and to tell a story.

There are so many things that we love in this bathroom, the design is full of striking details, all of them carefully chosen to blend in with the style and have a function.

  • You can notice different types of tiles that create an exciting look but at the same time don't overpower the design. The feature wall has still lots of whites in it and the blue little square looks almost like a dot from the distance, creating just enough excitement to be distinguished from other walls.
  • The tiling around the window is definitely something to look at. The way two different small tiles were laid to frame the window takes some good skills to achieve.
  • The gorgeous free-standing bathtub is made of light stone and the color is White Terrazzo. The light colorful speckles in the stone pick up the copper hues in the tapware.
  • Stunning Blackbutt timber vanity has four drawers and is very generous in size (1800mm) for double basins.
  • Tub limestone basins.
  • Double thin-rimmed arch mirrors look stylish and minimalistic letting other elements in the bathroom shine.

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Moroccan Tile Bathroom
Arch mirrors
Limestone basin
Shower niche
Freestanding bath tub

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