What is VJ Panelling and Why Do Bathroom Designers Love It?

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What is VJ Panelling and Why Do Bathroom Designers Love It?

Now, choosing bathroom tiles can be quite a big job already, but choosing to do something different instead of the tiles like a VJ panel wall can take even more thought and planning when it comes to interior design.

We are all familiar with the dilemma when we need to choose between a safe, more classic option and something a bit more usual. 

Don't forget to check out the images below to see how we used VJ panelling painted in a beautiful sage green to add texture and contrast to this bathroom project. 

What is VJ?

VJ panelling has found its way into many bathrooms recently, and we absolutely love how this alternative design feature can transform a bathroom space. It is a popular DIY home improvement method that is loved by many home renovators and builders.

The name VJ comes from "Vertical Joint" and can be referred to as Tongue And Groove or V Groove Panelling. It comes as a ready-made wall panel that look like vertical wallboards. If you don’t want to use tiles on every wall in your space, VJ panels are a great way to add some interest and soften the bathroom look.

Where can it be used?

Although there are products in the market that are waterproof, don’t use this type of cladding directly in wet areas like on a shower wall.  Do use it on the wall opposite to your bathroom vanity where the grooves are extended towards the ceiling and create a fantastic feature wall.

The great thing about this decorative wall panel is that because the lines move away from your eye level, they visually extend the height of the bathroom. It is a great way to create a sense of height for bathrooms with lower ceilings.

One thing to keep in mind is that you can’t use this wall cladding on top of your existing bathroom tiles. The wall tiles need to be removed and the VJ sheets will be fixed either to the wall studs or to the concrete wall. Always use experienced tradespeople like a skilled gyprock person who will make sure that the panels are perfectly aligned, and the look is seamless.

Using VJ and tiles together

Another great way to incorporate the VJ look is to bring your floor tiles up to a certain height and then continue the wall with VJ panels.

Once you have the VJ wall panels on the wall, you can paint them in a colour that will work with your bathroom colour scheme.

Benefits of VJ panelling

Other than the cost-effectiveness of this material, another huge benefit is that these panels are relatively fast to install, saving you money on labour time. 

Furthermore, by using VJ panels, you won’t have so many grout lines as you would have with wall tiles, meaning less cleaning!

The vj look is also much softer and warmer compared to the all-tile wall and the decorative long lines can make a huge difference in a small bathroom.

Finally, it is always a good idea to play with different design solutions before you decide on the final look. 


And if you need any advice or design help, just get in touch with us at Just in Place and we'd be delighted to help. 
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