Why We Love A Bathtub Under The Window

Bathroom Layout

Why We Love A Bathtub Under The Window

We can all agree that the focus point in this bathroom is the beautiful space around the gorgeous, wide window.

Our eye is drawn to this area straight away and that is the whole idea. Having a bathtub under a big window is simply a must-have. If you have the space for it, go for it! The idea of soaking in the tub filled with million bubbles and smelling like a sea breeze on a vacation is very appealing. You look out of the window and see green trees and bushes with pink flowers and your daydreams carry you away. This is exactly why we love the bathtub under the window.

The space is decorated in gorgeous marble lantern mosaic tile adding some exotic feel to an otherwise neutral atmosphere. Golden brass tapware looks luxurious next to whites and brightens the area even more.

Cool marble look and dark grey floor tiles with light veins are balanced with soft timber. 1500mm Blackbutt timber vanity and mirror cabinet carry the weight on one wall, leaving the opposite wall bare displaying only a couple of brass towel rails and hooks. Everything has its place and function.

Bathroom Layout
Timber vanity
Feature Bathroom Wall
Large Timber vanity
Tear Drop basin
Small Bathroom Vanity

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