Bold And Colourful Bathroom Design

Bold bathroom design

Bold And Colourful Bathroom Design

Not often do you come across an artistic-like bathroom full of energy and colors. To pull off abstract style is not an easy task but we think our customer's keen eye on details and 'full of life' attitude made this bathroom one of a kind!

Some of the things that are definitely stealing the spotlight are:

  • Terrazzo tiles on floors and walls.
  • Bold contrasting colors - Bright yellow ceiling and walls and blue vanity.
  • A statement polyurethane vanity stained in Blue on metal legs. The stone top matches terrazzo tiles.
  • Brushed Copper tap ware - Bath filler, wall spout and mixer, shower set.
  • White bowl-shaped solid surface basin.
  • Freestanding bathtub.
Bold style
Freestanding bathtub
Bold bathroom design
Blue bathroom vanity
Copper tapware
Floor Spout for bathtub
Terrazzo tile

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