Creating A Flow Between A Bathroom, A Powder Room And A Laundry

Creating A Flow Between A Bathroom, A Powder Room And A Laundry

Have you noticed sometimes that when you walk into a house and move around, everything kind of makes sense in terms of design. Often we can't put our finger on it what it is that makes us feel like that but it feels right. This is where the power of a well planned flow comes into play.

So what do we really mean by 'flow"? Like one of our designer said, it is like telling a story, a story of your space. Every story has a beginning and the end and everything in between. The story needs to make sense because all the elements in it are connected.

The same applies to your home when designing different areas in the house. Think position of the rooms and the relationship between them. What rooms can you put next to each other, so it makes sense. Try to think about your habits as well. Everybody is different but in the end of the day, you will be the one who will be living in this house.

Another thing that doesn't involve construction part is tying the rooms together with details like tiles, use of timber elements, tapware colour, mirror shapes etc.

    Some of the things we love in this project:

  • Terrazzo floor tile with white and black speckles to connect all three rooms.
  • Matte Black tapware and accessories in all rooms.
  • White Handmade Subway Tile in glossy finish in all three rooms (in laundry as a splash back).
  • Black V-groove vanity with solid surface basin on top.

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