5 Ways To Light Up Your Bathroom


5 Ways To Light Up Your Bathroom

Good lighting is one of those things that tends to be overlooked when renovating your bathroom. It is very interesting because it can elevate the overall design, whereas bad lighting can bring good design down.

Natural light

No artificial lighting fixture can really compete with natural light. The more natural light your bathroom has, the better. Everything looks real and pure in the natural environment. Your gorgeous feature tiles will pop and have the shade you first fell in love with when seeing them in a tile shop. The gorgeous timber vanity with beautiful organic grain lines will be more visible and the overall airy light feel is calming and relaxing.

If there is an option to incorporate a skylight, then go for it, it will make a huge difference.

Of course, not all homes have big floor-to-ceiling windows, and apartment bathrooms may not have any windows at all. Then other options come to play to achieve the ambiance your new bathroom deserves.

Overall downlights

Now, this is the most basic must-have option for any bathroom renovation or new build, every bathroom should have ceiling downlights at a minimum. With modern lights, you can regulate the temperature, from natural to cool or warm. Keep it in a natural setting as close to the natural light as possible. 

Accent lights

These are the fun fixtures that emphasise a particular area and make it stand out. A great example is the LED strip light under the mirror cabinet and vanity. That lovely glow lifts the furniture visually and also draws attention to the area with gorgeous wall tiles or floor tiles. It is especially a fantastic option when the tile has a 3D profile or is a natural stone with imperfections.

Another great way to utilize LED strip lights is in a shower niche. That extra feature in your shower is refreshing but not overpowering.

Mood lights

Mood lighting is not so much about how efficiently it lights up the areas, but rather the mood it creates. Those who love moody bathroom decor with dark colours may want to think about lighting fixtures that can be dimmed down. Another good option is to use wall lights. Bathroom corners are great places to use lights, especially if there is a plant or bathtub close by.

Task lights

These are the most practical fixtures and are used specifically for certain tasks like applying makeup or shaving. A pendant light next to a mirror is a great option for task light.

This is our quick overview of the lighting options in a bathroom. Good, well-thought lighting is a game changer and should be considered carefully. If you are unsure how to play with lights in your bathroom, come and have a chat with us and we are very happy to give you tips to think about.

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