Cottage Style in the City - Dundas Valley

Cottage Style in the City - Dundas Valley

"if you carry your childhood with you, you never become older"

-Tom Stoppard

When a family of 5 had the opportunity to renovate the husband's childhood home we had 3 things in mind

  • Bring it fast forward 60 years
  • Stay true to its original features and era
  • Get the tick of approval from its original tenants (the parents, who by the way loved the end results)

In a scenario like so, a walk in memory lane requires consideration of all participants. This is why we have started our journey with the whole family involved in the decision making process, choosing what stays- things that we've decided to keep and update, and what has to go and make room for the "future".

The overall experience was delighted and the end result reflects on the new owner's take on tradition and family home.

white kitchen
kitchen drawers
kitchen island
black double sink
grey kitchen isalnd
marble in bathroom
black wall mixer
floor tiles in laundry
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