Blue Bathroom Tiles

Blue Bathroom Tiles

Blue Bathroom Tiles

When it comes to colour in a bathroom design, blue bathroom tiles have been a very popular choice for a very long time.

According to colour psychology, darker and richer blues like Navy Blue or Royal Blue are all about confidence, loyalty, and success. Whereas lighter blues are associated with tranquillity and calm. No wonder why many bathroom designs are incorporating blue tiles into the space.

Blue is the colour of water and the ocean. We are immediately thinking of a holiday, spa day or a beach. Blue has the power to wash away the worries you had at work, or stress about cooking for a large group of friends and so on. It really does have the ability to calm your thoughts and make you feel grounded.

There are a couple of ways you can bring blue bathroom tiles into your bathroom interiors. For example, you can choose one feature wall that will have blue subway tiles laid in a Herringbone pattern. Keep the rest of the three walls either simply white or very subdued. Not only will this feature wall pop, but it also won’t get tiring. Be careful about what shade of blue do you want to use. Brighter blues have an opposite effect and energize rather than create a peaceful environment.

Subway tiles are rectangular shape tiles and they come in different sizes. You have an option also lay them in so many ways. If you think the Herringbone pattern is too busy for you, you can a vertically stacked pattern, or a popular brick pattern.

If you want to concentrate more on the floor rather than the walls, you can opt for a gorgeous encaustic tile with flower motif or geometrical shapes. Encaustic tiles are very eye-catching, so you want to keep the wall tiles quite modest.

The beauty of the blue bathroom tiles is that they pair very well with so many other colours. All tapware colours from Brushed Brass, Brushed Nickel to Brushed Gunmetal compliment the blue shades. Timber features work amazingly with blue. It’s a perfect harmony of land and water.

In this bathroom renovation, we have used Light Blue Subway with a gloss finish and Misty Grey grout. Custom made bathroom vanity in Blackwood timber looks gorgeous in this setting. Dark, earthy brown hues create a lovely contrast in front of the blue tiles.

The timber vanity is our Banksia vanity with two drawers. This specific option doesn’t have a frame around the vanity unit, and we call it a ‘hidden frame’ option. The drawers provide plenty of storage and everything is easily accessible.

Matching Bath Tray is made of the same Blackwood timber, and it looks stunning next to the crisp white bathtub. The bath tray doubles as a small hand towel holder. We can also make a bath tray that has a hole for a wine glass for the ultimate indulgent experience.

Our showroom displays a wide range of different blue bathroom tiles in the square, rectangular, and round shapes. There are tiles for every style or design. Our tile expert will be happy to have a chat with you and choose the best options for your bathroom layout.

Blackwood Timber Vanity
Blackwood Timber Vanity and Mirror Cabinet
Newport Mirror Cabinet
Our Newport Mirror Cabinet with bottom finger pull mirror doors
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Matt White Round Basin
Brushed Nickel Mini Assembly Taps
Brushed Nickel Wall Spout and Mini Assembly Taps
Timber Bath Tray
Custom Made Timber Bath Tray from Blackwood Timber
Timber Bath Tray
Back To Wall Bath Tub with Timber Bath Tray
Bathroom Design
Bathroom Design

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