Combining Wall Hung Basin With A Timber Vanity

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Combining Wall Hung Basin With A Timber Vanity

Having a wall-hung basin on top of a timber vanity has many advantages and it looks great. As the saying goes 'A picture is worth a thousand words, we will show you why this basin-vanity combination is worth thinking about.

The reason the material is called 'solid surface' or 'composite stone' is that it is a man-made material - manufactured stone. It sits in a great price range and is loved by many customers who want something that looks great, has a seamless and clean finish, and is easy to take care of.

So why a Wall Hung Solid Surface Basin is something to consider the next time you're thinking of renovating your bathroom?

  • It is non-porous - unlike natural stone products, solid surface basin material keeps the bacteria away and is, therefore, more sanitary.
  • It is lighter than natural stone.
  • Easier to take care of - It is only natural that over a course of time there will be some scratches or marks on the surface. The only thing you need is fine sandpaper and you can just sand the surface.

Our wall-hung basins come in matte white and matte grey colours and in different sizes, shapes, and configurations.

If you are interested in a specific size wall hung basin, we can custom make the timber vanity to perfectly fit under the basin.

Have a look at some of the ideas and get inspired!

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Small wall hung basin with a shelf

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