In this part of Bathroom Renovation, we are talking about renovating a small bathroom. We have a lot of customers who are interested in renovating a small bathroom and are happy to learn about tips that allow them to make their small bathroom visually bigger. We want to share some of these tips and ideas with you to help you think bigger.
Before calling the specialists to make the magic happen, you need to think about for whom you are renovating the bathroom. Is it for a couple, kids, older people, or guests? Depending on who will be using this bathroom, their needs should be reflected in the design.
For example, if the kids will be using it, you would want to have a bathtub, or lower vanity and basin. Also, there will be a lot of water everywhere, so you need to make sure that you can clean everything easily, there should be no harsh corners and surfaces need to be non-slippery, etc.
Older people have a few different needs. For example, they can’t easily get to a bathtub to take a shower, so they would need maybe just a shower without any steps. There should also be enough rails and things to grab on for support and balance.
There is no point in spending a lot of money on the guest bathroom that will be used only occasionally. You want to have the basics but leave the fancier things for the main bathroom.
As you can see there are quite some things to keep in mind. Having a practical and functional small bathroom doesn't mean that you need to compromise on the look and design. The challenges that might arise can be limiting but the end result, therefore, will be more satisfying.

Bathroom tiles


If you decide to change the tiles in your bathroom walls or floors, opt for tiles with light colors and big prints. We don’t think about it much, but it can make a big difference.

Think about it as you think about clothing. Dark colors on the body create a slimming effect and light colors do the opposite.
When you have busy small tiles, your eye starts to wander. You will notice a lot of lines and the view will be broken.

White, cream, or light grey tiles can always be a good option. It creates the illusion of a bigger space and makes the room filled with more light. If you think that it might be a little boring, you can always add some design tiles in between to add some print.

Or if you like bold prints, go for bigger statement details.

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Bathroom layout


Take advantage of the window. No matter the position, be it on the side or in the ceiling, natural light is the best light you can have in the bathroom. It creates a crisp fresh feeling and it doesn't lie, which means you can be sure to leave the bathroom with a nice makeup or well-groomed beard.
If you would like to have some kind of shutters or covers in front of the window, go for light and transparent colors.

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Bathroom mirror


When talking about natural light, it goes hand in hand with mirrors. Having mirrors in your bathroom can transform the entire space. Use mirrors to reflect the light on the opposite wall.

Or why not have one wall made of mirrors. We know that not everybody likes the idea of more glass, because let's be honest, somebody needs to clean it as well, but you can always go for stained mirrors. They look amazing, still, reflect the light but don’t need so much attention to keep them perfectly clean and sparkling.

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bath & shower


With a small bathroom, we often don’t have the luxury to choose both a shower and a bathtub. But those who love bathtubs, won’t give up this idea without a fight.
Having a combined version saves a lot of space and is a great compromise. She can have her bubble bath rituals and he can still enjoy a quick shower.

If you choose a bathtub, go with a comfortable size. Don’t go with a tiny one only to have a bathtub, because it won’t be practical, and you won’t be using it as often as you think. You can always go for the bathtubs that are a bit higher/steeper.

Sliding Door


When we are dealing with small spaces, we don’t want to have doors that take a lot of valuable space when opening them. In this case, sliding doors can be a great answer for a bathroom door or shower door. Just make sure that the connections and rail are made of good quality, otherwise, you might have some issues in the future.

Or if you don’t want a shower door, you can always go for a shower curtain. A shower curtain is a good idea because you can always tuck it nicely aside to break the wall illusion and making the bathroom visually bigger. Shower curtains have come a long way and you don't have to associate them with something cheap and tasteless. There are amazing prints and colors available which can be a cool design feature.

Bathroom basin


If we are talking about a very small bathroom, you could place a small sink in the corner of the room so it will be out of the way. They can be either wall hang or standing on one leg.

When choosing 'sit on top' basins, go for oval shape basins because they will be slimmer standing on vanity and round corners are visually softer and safer.

wall hung basin


Nowadays there are so many interesting and amazing design tapware available that it makes it harder to choose the right ones.

With smaller spaces, we would recommend going with wall-mounted tapware. They will be out of the way leaving more space on the counter for your toiletries.

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Bathroom storage


Having a small bathroom also means that we need to think about storage. You would still like to have all the necessary items close by, so you can grab them whenever you need to, instead of going to another room. It is a good idea to have open shelves in a vanity or shaving cabinet. In that case, you can always get things quickly without opening the doors. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. For example, we came across a small bathroom where toilet paper was stacked in a fish net that was hung under the ceiling and above the toilet. Great way to use space.

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