Furniture Design Tailored to Suit Your Lifestyle And Space

Custom Study Nook

Furniture Design Tailored to Suit Your Lifestyle And Space

Why do we love custom joinery? The answer is simple – it gives a lot of flexibility in terms of design, material, color, form, and functionality.

Well-designed space adds value to your home, whether it’s aesthetically or functionally. We all know that feeling when you have a very clear idea in your head about how your lounge area, kitchen, or bathroom must look like, but you are struggling with finding the pieces that will fit the space.

The beauty of custom joinery is flexibility. Not only can you design the piece of furniture exactly how you like it, but you can also choose your finishes, sizes, and so on.

Our love for timber features has been evident from all the gorgeous timber vanities and mirror cabinets to custom joinery, dining desks, open shelves, and bathroom tallboys. Solid timber has many great features that give an advantage to your home design. For example, it is very practical. When comes time to revive your gorgeous timber desk, you can always just sand it down and add a new layer of coating on top and it will look brand new again. It also adds an incredible feeling of warmth to your design and balances the cooler colors and textures in the kitchen. For example, when you have stainless steel appliances or lots of tiles that are cooler to the touch. Using the timber features is also a node to nature – adding a sustainable element is a step towards creating an environmentally friendly home.

A little design tip – timber features work very well with cool metallics. For example, choose for your bathroom Gunmetal taps that will go with Custom Timber Vanity.

Custom Study Nook
Sliding Tasmanian Oak Screen Door
tan and timber color scheme
Exciting texture selection - tan leather couch, woven cushion, the sliding door made of solid timber
custom tv-unit
Custom fireplace joinery - approved by our four-legged friend
Kitchen design
Custom kitchen joinery to hide all appliances
Timber Shelves
Gooseneck kitchen mixer
Timber Shelves
Custom-made floating timber shelves made of Tasmanian Oak. LED strip light.
Black Custom Vanity
Custom-made bathroom vanity on legs
Gunmetal tapware
Gunmetal tapware and accessories like a toilet roll holder
Gunmetal tapware
Gunmetal assembly taps and a wall spout

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