Encaustic Tile – A Statement Feature in a Bathroom Setting

Encaustic floor tile

Encaustic Tile – A Statement Feature in a Bathroom Setting

For those who are not familiar with encaustic tiles, we’ll give you some background so you can maybe think about incorporating these gorgeous floor tiles into your bathroom design when renovating your ensuite, main bathroom, or even a small powder room.

The phrase ‘encaustic tile’ comes from Ancient Greek and means ‘burning in’. It refers to a process, where beeswax-based paint was used to colour a tile and then the heat was used to make the paint stick. That meant that the pattern and the colour were going throughout the tile.

The way we use the term nowadays is different from its original meaning. Today the encaustic tiles are made by creating first the coloured pattern choosing preferred colours of clay that will be the surface of the tile and then the body colour is added to the mould. You can think of it as a two-step process.

Encaustic tiles or inlaid tiles has usually two different colours but can be more. The dusty looking colours can be used to create classic patterns or modern patterns. Geometrical shapes in the pattern create unique floor profiles and add some interest and originality compared to otherwise one coloured floor tiles.

For a contemporary look, there are endless possibilities from playing with either colours or shapes. The decision can be as bold as you like it to be. For a more subdued look, pastel colours can be used. These dusty hues blend in wonderfully with many design decisions without looking too contrasting or eye-catching.

In this bathroom renovation, a dusty pink encaustic tile was used throughout the bathroom floor, including the shower floor. The subtle pink floor tiles complement the Tasmanian Oak timber vanity that was custom made for this bathroom and the Brushed Nickel Tapware adds a little coolness to the otherwise warm colour palette.

Tasmanian Oak Timber Vanity
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Shower Design - Brushed Nickel Tapware
Pink Encaustic Floor Tile
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