Dusty Pinks on Bathroom Wall

dusty pinks feature wall

Dusty Pinks on Bathroom Wall

Dusty Pink or Dusty Rose is a shade of pink that is more subdued than a pastel or bright pink. It has beautiful beige undertones and a very warm feel to it.

Some say that the psychology behind this colour evokes nostalgic feelings and familiarity.

This pink looks gorgeous in a bathroom setting and creates a soft, elegant feel. The beauty of this shade is that it works harmoniously with colours that are common in bathroom interiors. For example pink and grey tiles or pink and beige. Another colour that creates a wonderful contrast is Navy Blue and pink. The white and pink combination elevates and brightens the space.

Another way to combine dusty pinks is to pair them with timber features. In that case, you are not introducing a new colour into the mix, but still emphasizing the contrast in a subtle way. It is a wonderful option for those who love to keep the colour scheme minimal and create some familiarity in a form of wood.

This specific shade can transform and adjust to the surroundings, meaning it adapts to the colours you have chosen.

In this project, the subway tiles are stacked vertically and the feature wall is opposite of the door, which means you will see this gorgeous tile the moment you step into the bathroom.

Bathroom feature wall
Feature wall with Dusty Pink subway tiles stacked vertically
Corner Bath
Back-to-wall corner bath
Mirror Cabinet
Blackbutt custom timber vanity and mirror cabinet. Semi inset ceramic basin
custom timber vanity
Brass wall spout and wall mixer
timber vanity frame
20mm beveled frame for the timber vanity and mirror cabinet
Pink feature fall
Gorgeous versatile Dusty Pink subway tile

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