Why You Should Consider Timber Furniture In Your Bathroom

natural timber vanity

Why You Should Consider Timber Furniture In Your Bathroom

We are often asked whether we can make any other timber furniture as well. The simple answer is, yes, we can! We love making bathroom vanities and mirror cabinets that transform the bathroom design and introduce warmth and nature, but we also make custom furniture like this tallboy.

I’m sure many of us get sometimes frustrated with the fact that it is quite hard to find bathroom furniture that ticks all your boxes. Finding something that is in a certain size, in a certain finish, and looks amazing, can be quite a difficult journey. This is why we offer the service to custom make timber furniture. Not only does it look amazing, let's be honest, the craftsmanship is excellent, it also lasts for a very long time. The beauty about hardwood timbers is that you can always sand the first layer down, coat it with a layer of sealer and it will look brand new. Can you say the same for poly furniture? Perhaps not.

The set of bathroom vanity and a tallboy is made of Tasmanian Oak and has a beautiful groove feature that adds depth and volume.

The vanity is 900mm long and has two deep drawers. Because of the groove feature, you won’t even see the drawer separation lines, in fact, it all looks like one piece of timber.

The tallboy is a whopping 2000mm and has plenty of storage for all the towels and shower creams.

A round mirror with LED backlights, a round bowl-shaped concrete basin, and round taps balance the square shapes of the timber furniture.

Groove Timber Furniture
natural timber vanity
Tasmanian Oak Timber Vanity
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Concrete basin

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