How To Use Mint Accent Color In Your Bathroom?

Mint Green Finger Mosaic Tile

How To Use Mint Accent Color In Your Bathroom?

Those who love colour know that there are endless options available when choosing your bathroom tiles for walls and floors.

Colour has a very powerful effect on design. With the right colours, you can elevate the design, you can dress it down, make it energized or calm and so on. Because bathroom spaces are usually small, choosing the right colours make a big difference in terms of how you will feel in that space.

In this bathroom renovation project, feature bathroom tiles will draw attention for all the right reasons. The long bathroom wall is cladded with a gorgeous Mint Green Finger Mosaic Tile. Now, finger mosaic tile or in other words kit kat tile is a very versatile tile for a bathroom design.

The name comes from a very slim rectangular shape that can be easily manipulated for different areas in your bathroom. Because of its size, it is a perfect tile for smaller spaces like a wall niche for example. When using this bathroom tile on a bigger wider surface, it creates a gorgeous texture on the wall.

Kit kat tiles come in different colours and finishes. If you want to make a statement, you can use bold glossy tiles that will play with light and reflect it in a playful way. But it is also a perfect tile for pastel colours creating more a subdued casual look.

Grout is another important element when playing with tiles. You can either use a contrasting grout that really distinguishes every single tile, or you can go with a similar colour grout, so the tile and grout blend together for a softer look.

Soft green bathroom tile colours work also fantastically with Brass tapware. Glossy left corner back to wall bathtub stands elegantly on Charcoal Hexagon floor tiles. Instead of wall taps, our client opted for Brass Floor Bath Set for a more luxurious look. Slim and minimalistic Round Brass Shower Combo and Brass Wall Hooks pop next to the Mint Green wall.

Our Sydney showroom has a gorgeous display of interesting and unique tiles to create maybe something a little different in your new remodelling project.

Brass Floor Bath Set
Charcoal Hexagon Floor Tile
Mint Green Finger Mosaic Tile
Bathroom wall niche
Round Brass Shower Combo Set
Back To Wall Corner Bathtub
Bathroom Timber Stool

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