Sand Dune Feature Wall In A Big Bathroom

Bathroom feature tile

Sand Dune Feature Wall In A Big Bathroom

What a fantastic alternative to a classic white and grey color palette!

  • Big textured wall tiles with a sand dune pattern are definitely the show stopper. The grainy creamy color surface imitates sand texture flowing tactile lines on the surface create slight shades, which almost makes the whole wall become alive.
  • Darker beige floor tile creates enough contrast without being too harsh on the eyes.
  • Chrome tapware adds a bit of gloss to otherwise muted and modest tones.
  • White Ceramic Golf Basins are another feature to add some gloss.
  • Corner Back to Wall Bath Tub.

The only thing to do now is to light a few Sandalwood candles, add some bubbles to your hot bath, have a glass of beautiful red, and just relax. Sounds like a perfect beach getaway!

Bathroom feature tile
Corner bath tub
bathroom cabinets
Ceramic golf basin

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