Magical transformation in Eastern Suburbs

Magical transformation in Eastern Suburbs

"There is no magic in magic, it is all in the details" Walt Disney

When choosing to renovate an entire house, large or small, there are so many things you really should know, and creating a detailed checklist is the best way to ensure you have all your bases covered.

So just after you have set your budget, assigned your builder, arranged all permits and building approvals, agreed on the design, etc.. it is time to make a detailed list of who, when, and what...

When meeting our clients, just days before work had started at this beautiful cottage we were presented with multiple excel sheets specifying just that, it was so detailed and organized that at the start we were overwhelmed, to be honest, but flicking through those pages everything started to make sense.

The WHAT...

Scope of work (in general and room by room)

The WHEN...

Trade schedule, a clear timeline, proposed work progress, delivery dates for all fittings, tapware, appliances, etc.

The WHO...

Responsibilities and liabilities. Who is to do? Who is to supply? etc.

Those lists were so precise to the last dot that it left no room for confusion and doubts - therefore the renovation went smooth from start to finish and our client's response was:


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White Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinets
Splash Back Wall Tile
Small Herringbone Feature Tile
Goose Neck Laundry Mixer
Black & White Bathroom Design
Small Square Solid Surface Basin

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