A Colourful Concrete Basin You Never Knew You Needed

Concrete Basin

A Colourful Concrete Basin You Never Knew You Needed

The basins world is very exciting and choosing the right basin is very important. As designers, we always want to explore options that take us from ‘safe’ and ‘known’ to something different. We get excited about tactile finishes, small natural imperfections and of course colours. These are things that make the design dance.

All these things can elevate the design and add depth. Sometimes raw and unpolished feature makes a better statement than perfectly cut edges and uniform finishes.

This is exactly why we love concrete basins. They are like underdogs waiting to be discovered. But we also understand why people are hesitant to buy a concrete basin for their bathroom vanity.

One of the reasons is that a little more care is needed to maintain the basin so that it can still look amazing in a few years. That means no harsh chemicals when cleaning the basin, no toothpaste marks, and no acids.

Another reason is the cost. Renovating a bathroom is not a cheap exercise. After paying the tradespeople and buying the necessary bathroom fixtures, it comes down to budget. Concrete basins are not cheap and there is a reason for that - they are handmade to order, and you can’t find two identical basins.

Having said all that, there is one thing concrete basins are very good at and it is a STATEMENT. First, you know you will get a unique product that is handmade with love. Secondly, a colour can be added to the concrete mix to make a basin to suit your bathroom interiors. That’s a big plus when the overall bathroom design is light and white, and you just want to add a splash of colour.

The colours range from moody charcoal and deep blues to neutral beiges, light greens, and blush. The selection of colours available is quite generous and no matter which brand you are going for, you will find something that will work with your design.

One of the things we love about concrete basins is the finish. Some basins have a smooth polished finish, others have a tactile finish. Sometimes you can see bubble marks in the concrete and sometimes you can see how the dye has spread a little unevenly. But these are the things that add character to the basin.

Our recommendation is to explore all the basin options when renovating your bathroom. If you are curious to see and feel the concrete basins, come, and visit us in our beautiful showroom where we have a gorgeous display of concrete basins in various shapes, sizes and colours.

Pink Concrete Basin
Dark Green Concrete Basin
Blue Concrete Basin
Light Green Concrete Basin
Light Grey Concrete Basin

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