Bathroom Turned Into A Private Oasis

double basins

Bathroom Turned Into A Private Oasis

Do you know the feeling when you are only thinking about a blissful bath time after a long day at work, light some candles, and listen to relaxing zen music? Having a bathroom that encourages all that is only a bonus.

Creating an 'oasis' like bathroom feel is not hard. Most of the time the idea behind that kind of design is choosing the right colors and introducing complimenting accessories.

There was an exciting discovery during the renovation process - a hundred years old stone wall that used to be an external wall for a previous house. What a find! The owner decided to keep the wall in its original condition instead of plastering it white like other walls.

The stone wall adds so much warmth and character to the bathroom and it works beautifully with the whole house style.

Things that we love:

  • Back to the wall bathtub.
  • Copper tapware.
  • Lighting - LED strip lights to emphasize the wall tactile surface.
  • Spotlights - Simple pendant lights for mood light.
  • Feature wall tile - glossy light grey subway tile in the handmade cut.
  • Luscious green plants for tropic feel.
  • Timber stool - another natural element to compliment the look.
double basins
exposed brick wall in a bathroom
Back to wall bath tub
back to wall bath tub
timber bathroom stool
light grey shower tile

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