5 subtle ways to use curves to improve your bathroom design

Ensuite bathroom with timber vanity and fluted glass shower screen

5 subtle ways to use curves to improve your bathroom design

How to use understated curves to create your dream, "feel-good" ensuite bathroom

"Curves have the power to soften a space, to make it feel more alive, more invigorating. They add a sense of whimsy and playfulness, creating an environment that feels enlivened and effortlessly chic." Jonathan Adler, designer. 

In this recent ensuite bathroom renovation, the goal was a simple and beautiful space with the ultimate mood-enhancing, tranquil atmosphere. It needed to feel fresh and quite minimalist, but still very soft, warm and inviting. Enter "subtle curves"!

Curves in interior design have been around forever, and for good reason. Apart from being a brilliant structural element, our brains are actually hardwired to find curves more aesthetically pleasing than straight lines or sharp corners*. Being in a space with gentle, flowing curves can have a positive effect on our emotions and mood, making us feel safer, relaxed and more welcome in a space. 

That's why curves work particularly well in bathrooms - a space where, now more than ever, we're looking to create a retreat, a place to feel calm, content and even recharged. 

However, if curved walls and arches feel a bit too “on trend” for you, we say, think subtle to create a bathroom design that has all the wonderful visual and psychological benefits of curves, yet with a more timeless feel. 

See how this elegant ensuite renovation design incorporated curves  in five subtle, yet very effective ways to achieve this stunning, mood-lifting bathroom. 

The fluted corner bath

With all the beautiful freestanding and back-to-wall baths we have available now, your choice of bath can do a lot of the work towards creating the look and feel you’ve got in mind - whether it's coastal, modern or retro, as a texture, fluting is a remarkably adaptable design feature. 

In this client's bathroom, a stunning back-to-wall corner bath with a fluted exterior brought the first element of "subtle curves" into the design. It introduced lovely rounded shapes and textures which contrast with the smooth, angular shapes of the tiles.  

Fluting has a soft rippled texture that draws the eyes. The tiny waves communicate a sense of flow and movement to calm the senses and also add a bit of a fun and whimsy to spark joy. Because, why not?

Find out more about our fluted Groove Back to Wall Corner Bath here.

timber vanity with curved mirrors

The curved mirror cabinets

When our eyes follow curved lines in a design, it can actually give us a soothing sensation, reduce stress and make our environment feel more peaceful.

Instead of a traditional rectangular mirror cabinet, we added two mirror cabinets with gently rounded corners - just enough curve to give the bathroom the softness without going full blast on the curved or arched mirror trend.

They also contrast elegantly with the rectangular shape of the timber "Lilly" vanity, allowing the beautiful natural timber (with its own curves in the grain) to really stand out. These subtle curves will stand the test of time and be a joy to look at every day. 

matte white tub basin

The simple round edged basins

Curves echo the shapes found in nature. By bringing organic forms into your bathroom design, you'll create that wonderful subliminal connection with the natural world - a great way to evoke positive emotional responses, such as joy and relaxation.

Our sleek and simple, matt white, “tub” basins were the perfect choice to bring subtle curves to the bathroom design, in a minimalist and understated way. We also love the way their shape replicates the curved shape of the mirror cabinets, bringing symmetry and visual harmony. 

See more about our Matte White Tub Basin here.

fluted shower screen
fluted shower screen

The fluted shower screen

Curves can also make a space feel more fun and playful... And this fluted shower screen certainly brings us joy!

Fluted glass shower screens, also known as ribbed or reeded glass, have have all the benefits of a plain glass screen (light, sense of space, highly durable) but with added texture that is visually appealing and interesting, and also softens what can be another ‘cold’, hard surface in the bathroom.

In this ensuite bathroom, the curvy waves of the fluted glass give the shower area that little bit more privacy, and also play with the light and reflections beautifully, adding to the warm and inviting atmosphere the clients wanted.

fluted bath and brushed nickel tapware
Heated towel rails in brushed nickel

The classically curved tapware

Curves can also make us feel safe and comfortable.  And so, last but definitely not least, the glorious curves of the brushed nickel tapware were the final layer to our ‘subtle curves’ story.

From the pleasingly round, circular mixer taps for the basin, bath and shower, the classic curved shape of the spouts, and even the rounded shapes of the heated towel rails, these very subtle, graceful and elegant curves help bring that very important warm and nurturing, spa-like feel to the ensuite.

See more of our brushed nickel tapware here. 

We hope this has given you the inspiration to add subtle curves to your next bathroom project and see how you can use the best parts of a trend to create a classic bathroom.

For design advice, make an appointment for a complimentary design session at our showroom in Belrose. 

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