Dark Bathroom Vibes

Dark Bathroom Shower

Dark Bathroom Vibes

We are all familiar with the feeling of scrolling through inspirational images on Pinterest only to find those amazing bathroom designs that are moody, dramatic and dark. Immediately we are carried away to another world more enchanting, mysterious, and so different. 

When it comes to renovating your own bathroom, will you be daring enough?

In numerous blogs and home design articles it is mostly recommended to use light colours to make the spaces look visually bigger and brighter. The need to opt for light colours while we are constantly warned that dark combination could make a room look "cavy" and small.

But is it always true ?

A designer's job is to help a client to transform their vision into a reality. A fantasy into a real life story. For example, in the light coloured bathroom, you can always add some interest by choosing contrasting accessories that have dramatic look or finish. But when you choose wall tiles that are already dark and you use them on more than one wall, it makes the space instantly very interesting because we are not used to seeing so much dark in one space.

We love to work with the different ideas, textures and dimensions to create a space that is interesting somewhat different and yet functional .

Designing a dark bathroom gives you the option to play with different elements ,add depth and movement, create deeper tones and focal points. For example in this bathroom the use of the dark green tiles with a slight metallic or golden speckles adds a 3D dimension to the walls.

Well placed lights in a dark bathroom could also add to the overall moody atmosphere and help elevate the design - the use of a pendant light in the corner of the room may add a warm and inviting glow while wall placed light could reflect on the tiles and bring it to life.

Depending on the individual, dark colours could create a zone that is calming and serene , relaxing and quiet. A place that wraps around you and cocoon you in once the doors is closed.

Others on the other hand feel that the dark bathroom energizes them. It can be seductive, mysterious, and optimistic.

Everybody feels different. When renovating your bathroom, you need to think about how do you want this space to feel and choose the colours and textures that will help to achieve that feeling.

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