Smart and Breezy Kitchen Design with Ocean Views

Kitchen Design with timber

Smart and Breezy Kitchen Design with Ocean Views

When it comes to designing a space close to the water, happy thoughts will pop into your mind. You can hear the words ‘airy, breezy, light, relaxation, holiday’ echoing in your head and you can’t help but smile. Your kitchen is not just a kitchen, it becomes a space that blends in with the surrounding.

The first things you notice in the kitchen are the aesthetics of the design, light color palette with timber features combined with soft curves create visually a pleasing look that is enhanced by the ocean background. It’s a perfect setting for winding down and regrouping.

Long gone are the days when sharp edges and boxed shapes dominated the design. The breakfast bar with curved edges draws your eye to gorgeous vertical timber batten detailing hugging the structure. Not only is it pleasing to the eye, but it’s also safe in terms of traffic from and into the kitchen.

The stunning 40mm Avorio concrete top has enough movement to create a slight contrast between the benchtop and the cabinet finish, but modest enough to not dominate the look.

A generous recess for the gorgeous designer stools makes it easy to use the chairs when having a light breakfast or hiding them when no longer needed.

The things that are invisible to the eye, are the smart practical features incorporated into the joinery design.

What distinguishes a kitchen from a great kitchen is not only the look and the layout, but also the practicality. It is important to understand what is important for you in the kitchen. We spend quite a lot of time in this space, and it needs to suit our needs.

The pantry cabinet holds all the cooking staples in one place ready to be used. Pull out bin is hidden and out of the way. The Roller shutter hides the coffee machine and kettle and is easy to use in one swift movement.

We absolutely love the idea of integrated appliances. Not only do they look sleek and modern, but they also create this seamless look where nothing is sticking out creating a uniform and minimalistic look.

Integrated dishwasher, oven tower with microwave and fridge panels are camouflaged into the harmonious look making space look more like an entertaining area rather than a place where serious cooking takes place.

And then we have beautiful details like timber handles. Elongated cabinet pulls on White Ash cabinet finish add a layer of warmth and softness. We love it that not every cabinet has the cabinet pulls, it’s just enough timber on the white background to let your eyes scan the space from one corner to another without interrupting the view.

We can definitely see ourselves sitting around the stunning breakfast bar, sipping a nice cup of tea looking outside the window, and daydreaming. Can you?

Kitchen Design with timber
Designer timber stools
Avorio stone bench top
Vertical timber battens on breakfast bar
Kitchen splashback
Kitchen pantry
Seamless kitchen cabinets
LED light under kitchen cabinets
Integrated fridge doors
Open kitchen living room

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