Slimline U-Shape Kitchen Upgrade

Slimline U-Shape Kitchen Upgrade

Maximising work space in the kitchen is something that we hear a lot when designing a kitchen layout. A long kitchen top doesn't necessarily mean that you have a lot of counter space to put all your meal preparation pots and bowls on.

We are all familiar with the scene in kitchen, where all free spaces are taken over by mugs, cutlery and kitchen appliances. The view gets especially colourful in the mornings, when you need to get your kids' lunch boxes ready or when you're entertaining a group of friends for a dinner party.

Here is why designing a smart kitchen is so important - first to be aesthetically gorgeous and secondly to be practical and time consuming.

    Things that we love in this kitchen:

  • Induction cooktop - not only does this slimline cooktop look seamless and uniform, it also doubles up as a extra counter space where you can rest a chopping board or mixing bowl.
  • Single Kitchen Sink - If you know you are probably not going to use 2 sink bowls, there is no need to buy a large one even if you have the space for it. And remember large sink means more dishes in the sink!
  • Things that were important for the client to add in the joinery were: A bin drawer, a pantry with internal drawers, appliances unit.
  • Beautiful flat panelled joinery has a satin finish.
  • Caesarstone Fresh Concrete stone top.
  • Custom made timber shelves for green plants to bring the nature indoors.
  • White cupboard handles.
U shape kitchen layout Kitchen pantry White kitchen cupboard handles Timber shelves Kitchen joinery

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